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Product Includes:

  1. One WiseWipers wiper blade (Free Shipping)
  2. Subscription to $4 replacement rubber refills (Free Shipping)
Subscription Process
• Choose a subscription interval
• Buy WiseWipers wiper blades
• Receive WiseWipers wiper blades with 1st rubber refill pre-installed
• Install WiseWipers wiper blade on vehicle
• Use WiseWipers wiper blades
• Receive NEW rubber refills in mail after subscription interval
• Install NEW rubber refill into blade (takes 30 second)
• Use WiseWipers wiper blades again

*By selecting a subscription interval, you are agreeing to recurring payments of $4 per subscription interval for each wiper blade for the mailed refills (Free Shipping)
•For customers who buy two blades, the recurring payment will be $8
**You can stop for any reason at any time

Valeo FIRST All-in-One Beam Wiper Blade Features

•Enhanced High-Speed Performance: Patented 3-D spoiler design and curved metal spline provides optimal windshield contact and even pressure for enhanced high-speed wiping performance.

•Easy Installation: All-in-One adapter system fits popular arm types for quick and easy installation. Pre-installed with universal Hook adapter, and contains multi-adapter for Side Lock, Side Pin, Pinch Tab, and Push Button arm types

•All-Weather Durability: Valeo's Tec2 rubber is specially formulated synthetic rubber with graphite coating for longer lasting, smoother wiping performance in all weather conditions

•Optimal Visibility: Unique low-profile design prevents ice and snow build-up for optimal visibility in extreme weather conditions

With the refillable WiseWipers Wiper Blade

o You will get great wipers that wipe your windshield clean

o You won’t get caught in the rain with bad wipers because we’ll remind you to replace your rubber refills

o You will be able to leave your wiper blades on for years and just replace the rubber refill

o You will have extra money because refilling WiseWipers is less expensive than buying new wipers

o You will throw away less garbage because the rubber refill is over 90% less trash than a wiper blade

WiseWipers are the absolute best deal for premium wiper blades

Wiper Blades Facts
o Quality wiper blades with one rubber refill are designed to handle over 1 million wipes

o That's equivalent to an hour of use per week for over 10 years

o The 1 million wipes statistic is from 2 weeks in a controlled laboratory

o The wiper blade structure will last 5 to 10 years but the rubber refill will not

o The rubber refill wears due to ozone in the air, UV from sunlight, heat from sun and air, bugs and dust from driving and from being pulled free from an iced windshield

o The rubber refill is worn out when the wiper blade leave streaks, chatters or leave a film on your windshield

Simple Ways to Make Your Wipers Last Longer
o Clean dust and bugs from your windshield when fueling up

o Wipe the rubber refill (bottom of wiper blade) with a damp towel when cleaning windshield

o Park your car out of the sun when possible

Common Questions for WiseWipers
Q: Will extra refills get old? A: Rubber refills will remain fresh for at least 2 years when left in packaging

Q: What if my wiper blade breaks? A: We haven’t seen this happen during normal use, plus we have a 2-year warranty from defects

Q: What if this wiper blade doesn’t work well on my car? A: WiseWipers has a 90 day 100% money back guarantee. If you're not satisfied, let us know, and we’ll refund your money.

Q: Will my wiper blade fade in color? A: Yes, this wiper blade will not stay perfectly black forever. It will still be a dark gray after years of service. To extend the color of your WiseWipers you can apply a protectant like ArmorAll™.

Q: What if I sell my car with WiseWipers installed? A: Cars have different blade sizes, so your WiseWipers won’t fit your next car. Let the car buyer know about the WiseWipers installed and they can use any extra rubber refills and order more from wisewipers.com. You can buy new WiseWipers for your new car.

Q: If I order today, when can I expect to receive my wiper blades. A: We have wiper blades in stock and use fast shipping. You can expect to receive your wipers in 5 - 10 days.
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