Valeo First Wiper Blade (Optional **REFILLS**)

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WiseWiper Benefits:

• Less Costly - $3 makes this premium blade new again
• Convenient - No store shopping
Less Trash - Reduces waste by 90%

• No Forgetting - Refill arrives automatically

Subscription Process:

• Choose a subscription interval
• Buy wiper blades
• Receive wiper blades with 1st rubber refill
• Install wiper blades on vehicle
• Use wiper blades
• Receive NEW rubber refills in mail
• Install NEW rubber refill into blade (takes 30 second)
• Use wiper blades again
• That's it - Fresh, Inexpensive, Simple

*By selecting a subscription interval, you are agreeing to recurring payments of $3 per subscription interval for each wiper blade for the mailed refills, plus $2 shipping
•For customers who buy two blades, the recurring payment will be $6 plus $2 for shipping
**You can stop for any reason at any time, just send an email or message using the contact us

Valeo FIRST All-in-One Beam Wiper Blade Features

•Enhanced High-Speed Performance: Patented 3-D spoiler design and curved metal spline provides optimal windshield contact and even pressure for enhanced high-speed wiping performance.

•Easy Installation: All-in-One adapter system fits popular arm types for quick and easy installation. Pre-installed with universal Hook adapter, and contains multi-adapter for Side Lock, Side Pin, Pinch Tab, and Push Button arm types

•All-Weather Durability: Valeo's Tec2 rubber is specially formulated synthetic rubber with graphite coating for longer lasting, smoother wiping performance in all weather conditions

•Optimal Visibility: Unique low-profile design prevents ice and snow build-up for optimal visibility in extreme weather conditions