Refresh Our Wipers for Less Than A Budget Blade
Rubber Refills Only $4 








Wipers That Work

You will get high performance wiper blades because we sell Valeo blades, the #1 supplier to vehicle makers.

You Save Cash  

Our $4 rubber refill makes the WiseWipers blade as good as new. Compare that to modern wipers that cost $12-$25 each.

Don't Get Caught In the Rain

With WiseWipers, your wipers will be ready for the rain with a fresh rubber refill. Buy Extra Refills and we'll email you an install reminder or signup for a refill subscription. Don't find out your wipers are old and worn while driving.

Save Wiper Install Hassle

The rubber refill install is easy and intuitive.Wipers last long enough to forget how to remove and install them. Keep your wiper blade, replace the rubber refill.

Rubber refill replaces quickly in 3 EASY STEPS